Short Curriculum Vitae

Since 07/2016 Professor of Empirical Business Research @
Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Department of Strategy and Innovation, Institute for Markets and Strategy
Visting Professorial Fellow @ University of New South Wales, School of Economics
01/2020 - 03/2020 Visiting Professor @ Stanford University, Department of Economics
10/2019 - 12/2019 Visiting Research Fellow @ New York University, Department of Economics, Center for Experimental Social Science
09/2008 - 06/2016 Lecturer, Senior Lecturer & Associate Professor @ University of New South Wales, School of Economics
08/2006 - 08/2008 CLER Research Fellow @ Harvard Business School
08/2003 - 07/2006 Research Associate (Ph.D. student) @ University of Cologne, Department for Economics and Social Sciences.
03/2002 - 07/2003 Research Fellow (Ph.D. student) @ Max Planck Institute of Economics, Strategic Interaction Group, Jena, Germany.
2006 Dr. rer. pol. (Ph.D.) in Economics (s.c.l.), University of Cologne
10/1995 - 03/2002 Business Administration, Humboldt-University Berlin, 2002 degree as Diplom-Kaufmann

What I do

  • developing research software, providing software support;

  • teaching classes, preparing lecture slides and assessment tasks, communicating with students, revising materials, grading;
  • reviewing and designing new courses and programs;
  • supervising Bachelor and Master theses;
  • guiding, advising, and supervising PhD students and other junior researchers and their research projects;
  • serving on PhD student committees, assessing PHD theses;
  • writing recommendation letters for Bachelor, Master, and PhD students as well as junior researchers on the job market;

  • managing university institutions (competence center, institute) and research grants, and their budgets;
  • negotiating with university administration about resources;
  • hiring people: advertising, interviewing, deciding, writing hiring reports;
  • managing people, preparing and leading team meetings;
  • writing reports about the activity of the institutions I lead;
  • helping develop policies (lab usage, ethics rules);
  • participating in department and university self-administration;
  • serving on internal university committees, including professor hiring committees;
  • serving on committees and leadership positions in professional societies/organizations.

And yes, work in academia is never done; it never ends. There is always another thing to do.

Research topics

Current working papers

Refereed journal articles
  • 01 Reproducibility in Management Science. Management Science 70(3), 2024, 1343-1356 (with Miloš Fišar, Christoph Huber, Elena Katok, Ali Ozkes, and the Management Science Reproducibility Collaboration). [Article] [Working Paper]
  • 02Strategic Uncertainty Aversion in Bargaining - Experimental Evidence. Journal of Economic Psychology, 95, 2023, Article 102604. [Article] [Working Paper]
  • 03Fixing feedback revision rules in online markets. Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, 32(2), 2023, 247-256 (with Gary Bolton, Kevin Breuer, and Axel Ockenfels). [Article] [Working Paper]
  • 04On the Internet you can be anyone: An experiment on strategic avatar choice in online marketplaces. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 206, 2023, 251-261 (with Diya Abraham and Marianne Stephanides). [Article] [Working Paper]
  • 05Time Inconsistency, Sophistication, and Commitment - An Experimental Study. Economics Letters, 203, 2021, Article 109982 (with Qing Zhang). [Article] [Working Paper]
  • 06Individual, Dictator, and Democratic punishment in public good games with perfect and imperfect observability. Journal of Public Economics, 178, 2019, Article 104053 (with Attila Ambrus). [Article] [Working Paper]
  • 13Subject Pool Recruitment Procedures: Organizing Experiments with ORSEE. Journal of the Economic Science Association, 1(1), 2015, 114-125. [Article]
  • 14Learning Economics Concepts through Game-Play: An Experiment. International Journal of Educational Research, 69, 2015, 23-37 (with Isabella Dobrescu and Alberto Motta). [Article] [Working Paper]
  • 15Is Avatar-to-Avatar Communication As Effective As Face-to-Face Communication? An Ultimatum Game Experiment in First and Second Life. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 108, 2014, 374-382 (with Mary Caravella and Alvin Roth). [Article] [Working Paper]
  • 16Engineering Trust - Reciprocity in the Production of Reputation Information. Management Science, 59(2), 2013, 265-285 (with Gary Bolton and Axel Ockenfels). [Article] [Working Paper]
  • 17Imperfect public monitoring with costly punishment - An experimental study. American Economic Review 102(7), 2012, 3317-32 (with Attila Ambrus). [Article] [Working Paper]
  • 18Social Communication and Discrimination - A Video Experiment. Experimental Economics 15(3), 2012, 398-417 (with Werner Güth and Ro'i Zultan). [Article] [Working Paper]
Books & chapters in books
  • 25 Engineering Cooperation: The Behavioral Design of Reputation Systems. In: S. Chuah, R. Hoffmann, and A. Neelim (eds.): Elgar Encyclopedia of Behavioural and Experimental Economics, forthcoming (with Gary Bolton and Axel Ockenfels).
  • 26How to design trust on market platforms? In: ZfbF-Sonderheft vol 75, Management Digitaler Plattformen, 2021, 61-76 (with Timm Teubner and Christof Weinhardt). [Article] [Working Paper]
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  • 28Grundfragen der Plattformökonomie – Wie man Vertrauen designt. In: Uwe Blaurock, Martin Schmidt-Kessel and Katharina Erler (eds.): Plattformen - Geschäftsmodell und Verträge, Schriften der Ernst von Caemmerer Stiftung vol. 10, Nomos, 2018, ISBN 978-3-8487-5057-3 (with Timm Teubner and Christof Weinhardt). [Link to publisher]
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Current term
  • WU Bachelor - SBWL Decision Sciences - Game Theory I
  • WU Bachelor - SBWL Decision Sciences - Negotiation Theory and Practice
  • WU SIMC Master - Thesis Course
  • WU PhD - Dokoratskurs Markets and Strategy

  • WU Bachelor - SBWL Decision Sciences - Game Theory I
  • WU Bachelor - SBWL Decision Sciences - Game Theory II
  • WU Bachelor - SBWL Decision Sciences - Project course
  • WU Bachelor - Elective - The Art of The Deal: Negotiation analysis and practice
  • WU SIMC Master - Managerial Economics
  • WU SIMC Master - Thesis Course
  • WU SIMC Master - Professional Development Workshop
  • WU PhD - Experimental Methods in Business and Economics
  • WU PhD - Dokoratskurs Markets and Strategy
  • UNSW Master - Economics of Strategy
  • UNSW Bachelor - Principles of Experimental and Behavioural Economics
  • UNSW PhD - Advanced Experimental and Behavioural Economics
  • UNSW PhD - Policy Evaluation Methods


Online Recruitment System for Economic Experiments

ORSEE is a web-based Online Recruitment System, specifically designed for organizing economic experiments. It's key features include support for multiple experimenters/laboratories/subjectpools/experiment classes/languages, attribute query selection, random recruitment, public and internal experiment calendar, reputation system, automated mailing, pdf output, experimenter rights management, etc. The aims of ORSEE are to simplify the organization of economic laboratory experiments, to standardize the procedures of experiment organization, to depersonalize the experimenter-subject interaction, and to provide information and statistics about the subject pool. ORSEE is for free, it is published under a proprietary open source license.

Talks and Seminars

2002: MPI Econ Jena, Strasbourg (ESA conf), U Halle Wittenberg (GEW conf); 2003: Humboldt-U Berlin, MPI Econ Jena, U Erfurt (ESA conf); 2004: Amsterdam (ESA conf), U Cologne; 2005: U Cologne (GEW conf), McGill U/Cirano MontrÈal (ESA conf); 2006: Harvard U Econ, HBS NOM, U Magdeburg (GEW conf); 2007: Harvard U Econ, HBS, Penn State U, U Arizona Tucson (ESA conf); 2008: 2 x ANU Canberra (RSSS, Econ & Democracy conf), Royal Holloway U London, U Copenhagen, UC Santa Barbara, U Lausanne, 2x UNSW, U Sydney; 2009: BCG Sydney, HU Berlin, U Arizona (ESA conf), U Canterbury (4. AWEE), U Cologne, U Melbourne; 2010: U Arizona (ESA conf), U Copenhagen (ESA conf), Queensland UT, U Sydney, U Tilburg; 2011: ANU, Deakin U, Monash U (2x: Uni + ANZWEE 2011), U Arizona (ESA conf), U Chicago (ESA conf), U Cologne, U Nottingham Malaysia Campus (APESA conf), UNSW, U South Australia, U Technology Sydney, Xiamen Univewrsity (APESA conf); 2012: ETH Zurich, Humboldt U Berlin, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (GfEW conf), Queensland UT (QuBE workshop), Stockholm School of Economics, U Arizona (ESA conf), U Cologne (2x: Uni + ESA conf), U Mannheim, UNSW (auctions workshop), U Paderborn, U Queensland, UT Dallas, WZB Berlin; 2013: CEU Budapest, Ben Gurion U, Humboldt U Berlin, Queensland UT (ANZWEE2013), Simon-Fraser-U Vancouver, Stanford U, U Auckland, UC Santa Cruz (ESA conf), U Cologne, UNSW, U Sydney, U Zurich (ESA conf); 2014: Florida State U (ESA conf); U Auckland (APESA conf), U Melbourne, UNSW (ASBLab mini conference), U Sydney, UT Dallas (workshop), UTS Sydney, WU Wien; 2015: Berlin Behavioral Economics Seminar (WZB Berlin), Heidelberg U (ESA conf), Hamburg U (GfEW conference), LMU München, UNSW (CEPAR workshop), UT Sydney (ESA conf); 2016: AEA Meetings San Francisco, U Amsterdam, U Arizona (ESA conf.), U Cologne (Design & Behavior wokshop, health econ workshop), U Sydney; 2017: Masaryk U, U Adelaide, U Alicante, U Bayreuth, U Linz, UNSW, U Vienna; 2018: Bilkent U, Brisbane (ESA conf), Humboldt U Berlin (ESA conf), Masaryk U, U Copenhagen (workshop), U Innsbruck, U Ulm; 2019: AEA Meetings Atlanta, New York U, NYU Abu Dhabi (ESA conf), Simon-Fraser-U (ESA conf), U Dijon (ESA conf), U Duisburg-Essen (VfS workshop), U Geneva, U Graz (NOeG conf), U Mannheim, U Stuttgart, U Toronto; 2020: Middlebury College (MiddleExLab), HU Berlin (VfS workshop), U College Dublin (workshop), U Gothenburg, U Maastricht, U Venice Ca' Foscari; 2021: Budapest Games 2020 conference, EMLV Business School Paris, ESA Global Online Meeting, George Mason U, Young Economists Meeting at Masaryk U, Brno (keynote), Prague University of Economics and Business, U Konstanz, U Minho (NIPE, Braga), U Sydney (Sydney experimental seminar); 2022: Free U Berlin, IMT Lucca, U Amsterdam (CREED), U Bologna (European ESA meeting), U Innsbruck, Europan Actuarial Academy (Online: Convention A - Connecting Knowledge); 2023: Corvinius U, NYU Abu Dhabi, U Econ Bratislava, U Hamburg, UNSW; ... invite me! ;-) .

Conference and workshop organization

  • 2020 ESA Global Online Around-the-Clock Meetings, Organizing Committee
  • 2018 Workshop Cooperation for Exploitation, WU Vienna
  • 2017 European Meeting of the Economic Science Association (ESA), WU Vienna
  • 2017 Austrian Experimental Economics Workshop, WU Vienna (with Rupert Sausgruber)
  • 2012 Auctions workshop at UNSW Sydney (with Paul Pezanis-Christou)
  • 2010 Australia New Zealand Workshop in Experimental Economics (ANZWEE), UNSW Sydney (with Andreas Ortmann)


Austrian Department for Women, Family, and Youth
eBay International
RWE Energy
Australian Department of Climate Change


Diya Abraham, University of Reading
Attila Ambrus, Duke University
Susanne Büchner, University of Jena
Regina Betz, ZHAW Zurich
Gary Bolton, UT Dallas
Kevin Breuer, University of Cologne
Mary Caravella, University of Connecticut
Luca Corazzini, University of Venice Ca' Foscari
Giorgio Coricelli, University of Southern California
René Cyranek, University of Munich
Isabella Dobrescu, University of New South Wales
Ido Erev, Technion
Miloš Fišar, Masaryk University
Gigi Foster, University of New South Wales
Paul Frijters, London School of Economics
Werner Güth, Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods
Philipp Grünwald, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
Christoph Huber, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
H.-Arno Jacobsen, University of Toronto
Elena Katok, UT Dallas
Felix Lamouroux, University of Cologne
Maria Vittoria Levati, Verona University
Thomas Lindner, University of Innsbruck
Georg Lintner, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
Christoph March, University of Bamberg
Alberto Motta, University of New South Wales
Axel Ockenfels, University of Cologne
Ali Ozkes, SKEMA Business School
Parag Pathak, MIT
Alvin Roth, Stanford University
Karim Sadrieh, University of Magdeburg
Anne Sastro, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Carsten Schmidt, University of Mannheim
Sascha Schweitzer, ESB Business School
Stefan Seifert, University of Bayreuth
Marianne Stephanides, FWF Austrian Science Fund
Chengxiang Tang, Macquarie University
Timm Teubner, Technical University Berlin
Christof Weinhardt, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
Peter Werner, Maastricht University
Martin Wiernsperger, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
Anita Zednik, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
Lyla Zhang, Macquarie University
Qing Zhang, Hunan University of Technology and Business
Anthony Ziegelmeyer, Queen's University Belfast
Ro'i Zultan, Ben Gurion University